Go on a journey across time with us, from 1928 to today.


The first toilet roll

The first Hakle toilet roll with a guaranteed number of sheets is produced in 1928. The brand name Hakle is composed of the company founders name Hans Klenk.


First toilet roll made of tissue

As toilet paper is still produced from hard and rough crepe paper, Hakle ushers in a new soft era with the first tissue paper in 1958.


First 3 ply toilet paper

With “SuperVlaush” Hakle brings the world’s first 3-ply paper on the market, stronger and softer than any toilet paper before.


Invention of moist toilet tissue

Hakle creates a renewed revolution in bath hygiene with Hakle Feucht. It also creates a new generic term for moist toilet tissue that exists to this day.


First toilet paper with pearl embossing

Pearl embossing as a new process makes it possible to achieve an optimal combination of multi-layer papers with tear strength and softness.


First 4 ply toilet paper

Hakle Lady, the first 4-ply toilet paper appears, which with its premium dermatological standard, is to this day a classic.


Hakle makes your behind a "kissing zone"

The multi-award-winning advertising campaign stands for a new age of breaking of taboos in advertising communications.


First toilet paper with ingredients

For the first time Hakle Kamille uses ingredients such as aloe vera and chamomile, contained in the paper, for even more care and comfort.


First toilet paper in TAD quality

This is the first Hakle toilet paper in TAD quality. TAD is an innovative production process that brings more softness and volume – a tangible quality leap.


Hakle celebrates its 75th anniversary

Hakle, the most famous and popular toilet paper in Germany, celebrates its 75th anniversary.


The new Hakle

“Comfort cushions”, small air cushions between the paper layers, ensure even more softness. Immediate recognition of the number of layers and décor, as the main information requirement of the customer.


The new Hakle Feucht

Hakle Feucht is THE brand for moist toilet tissue and the generic concept of a whole product category. The moist toilet paper from Hakle offers, besides cleanliness, an extra portion of care for your Skin.



40 years Hakle Feucht: "I feel Hakle"

The first moist toilet tissue celebrates its 40th anniversary. Back then, as today, Hakle Feucht stands for the very special feeling of freshness and cleanliness. This will be the focus of the new “I feel Hakle” advertising campaign. For the 40th anniversary Hakle Feucht is all new: a modern cosmetic design and convenient hygenic lid.


90th Hakle anniversary!

For 90 years the brand Hakle stands for best quality and innovation.
We thank you for your trust and will do everything to continue giving our customers the satisfaction of a clean and fresh feeling every day.

Due to the huge success of our 2017 package relaunch for Hakle Feucht moist toilet paper, all Hakle products – toilet paper and wet wipes – are getting a new design in 2018 and complete the new Hakle brand appreance.