Hakle Feucht

With Hakle Feucht 40 years ago (1977) the first wet toilet paper was brought onto the market. Hakle thereby revolutionized the bath hygiene and at the same time created a generic concept.

For a long time Hakle Feucht already stood for the very special feeling of freshness and cleanliness.

Since the relaunch in 2016, Hakle Feucht has been improved once again and since then has been the best cloth quality on the market.
Hydraspun Plus, which is characterized by its biodegradability and very good dissolving power, was selected as the material. This is proved by the so-called Slosh Box Test.

The towels are also very soft and pleasant to use.
The lotions contain valuable care products that moisturize and provide a pleasant skin feel.

Feel Hakle fresh every day!