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Grüner Tee

With organic green tea extracts
and natural fragrance.

With organic green tea extract, Hakle Feucht Grüner Tee gently cleanse the skin and provide a natural feeling of care. The moist towels are vegan and spoil you with a completely natural green tea scent.

Wet toilet paper – Each pack contains 42 sheets of wet toilet paper, ideal for the bathroom at home or on the road.

Especially well-tolerated – The pH skin neutral toilet paper is vegan, moisturizing and its skin compatibility is dermatologically confirmed.

With green tea scent from plant extracts.

All Hakle Feucht products are free of microplastic.

This means that our wet wipes are free of plastic particles of five millimetres and smaller (definition on microplastics from the website of the Federal Office for the Environment).

We at Hakle have decided against the use of microplastics in our wet wipes.

You can therefore use our wet wipes without hesitation.

Quickly soluble – The moist toilet tissues dissolve quickly in water according to the Slosh Box Test and are also biodegradable and flushable.

For optimal flushability, please only use one or two wipes at a time.

Hakle Feucht is our optimal addition to dry toilet paper of Hakle.