Our goal is the continuous improvement of our quality, environmental and energy performance, as well as our health and safety in the workplace.

Natually best quality
Our products accompany people in everyday life and improve their quality of life in hygiene and cleanliness. The high quality of our products is the focus of the Hakle brand and the basis for our success. In order to meet the requirements of our customers, we work according to strict quality standards and established processes.

Quality and environmental management system
We have implemented an integrated quality and environmental management system whose requirements and specifications meet the following standards:

By regularly evaluation of our processes as well as the results of internal and external audits, the effectiveness of the management system and compliance with the underlying standards in the company are tested and ensured.

Our employees are the basis for our success and contribute decisively to the fulfillment of our quality and environmental standards. Occupational health and safety and the health of our employees are our priority.
We support the sense of responsibility of our employees by clearly defined goals as well as training and further education.

We also expect our suppliers to have an appropriate understanding and awareness of our quality and environmental standards. The acquisition of energy-efficient products and services is also an integral part of the selection of our suppliers, such as compliance with legal requirements and the use of qualified personnel.

All our tissue products are made from natural, renewable wood fibers. With regard to fresh pulp, we work with suppliers, which are pioneers in sustainable forestry and pulp production.

The wood comes from forests and plantations, which are sustainably cultivated. Biodiversity, e.g. assures that the forest can regenerate at regular intervals.

The material used in production is made exclusively of FSC® and PEFC certified resources.

Customer orientation at Hakle is a central topic and one of our primary goals. In short, customer orientation is lived with us. At Hakle, customer satisfaction is continuously measured and analyzed. The results are collected and corresponding measures are derived and implemented.

Sustainable production
We are aware of our responsibility and feel obliged to reduce the use of resources to the minimum possible. This enables us to continuously improve the sustainability of our production.

  • In the last 7 years, we have been able to reduce our energy consumption by 15%.

• In addition, we have saved about 33% of water in the last 5 years.